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As a receptionist, you are the first point of contact for the company. You will be expected to look presentable and look professional at all times. your duties are:

  • Answering Phone Calls
  • Dealing With Walk In Clients
  • Room Booking
  • Any Other Bookings over the phone
  • Booking PC3R Products In
  • Ensuring Rooms Are Set Up and Presentable For Use
  • You MUST Have Full Knowledge Of The CETMA Website
  • Keeping Your Area & Areas In Your Domain Clean
  • check post
  • arrange cover for volunteers
  • first line tech support
  • Any Other Reasonable Request By Your Line Manager

Making An Internal Call

Press INTERCOM (located bottom right)

Then press:
1 – Admin Office
2 – Reception
3 – PC3R’s Workshop

Transferring A Call

While on the phone, press INTERCOM (located bottom right)

Then press: 1 – Admin Office 2 – Reception 3 – PC3R’s Workshop

when the person answers you can tell them who you have on the line and why they are ringing, then when you are ready to transfer, hang up! (this will transfer your customer)

 Daily Checklist


  • Is reception clean & tidy?
  • Does the bell work?
  • Are there any Health & Safety hazards to make people aware of?
  • Do rooms need preparing for any bookings?
  • Have you closed all windows & turned out all lights in your area before leaving?

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Staff / Volunteer Details

Please note: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anyone to give out any telephone numbers accept our office 01554 772056. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary proceedings.
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Phone: 01554 772056

Units 1-4 & 19 Enterprise Workshops, 100 Trostre Road

Llanelli, SA15 2EA

Comunity Engagement, Technology Media & Arts